Partners in Strength

Teleconferenced Shiurim for Home-bound Survivors

Partners in Strength caters to the survivors who are home-bound, yet would benefit from the intellectual and social stimulation that comes from spending time with friends.  Collaborating with DOROT in NYC, Project for Holocaust Survivors offers educational forums through an interactive telephone format for home-bound clients.

Noted community lecturers are engaged to speak on various topics of Jewish interest. Seniors who would otherwise spend long hours alone, with no outside contact,  are now active participants in exciting lectures from their very own homes. 

An hour of spirited discussion brings connection to home-bound seniors in our program, and breaks up the monotony of their day.

 “The class that I’m taking now is wonderful!  The Rabbi who’s teaching it is so interesting – and such a warm person!  Listening is a way for me to be with people and to learn new things, without leaving my home or even having to get dressed up!  Actually, the Rabbi called me after the first class to get to know me one-on-one and we spoke for about half an hour.  He doesn’t just want to be teaching a bunch of voices on the phone – he wants to know us as people.  Sign me up for the next series!” – Mr. G.

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