Cafe Europa


Project for Holocaust Survivors runs large social gatherings- parties with seasonal themes- for over 200 of our program seniors. 

At these quarterly parties, a formal lunch is served; and inter-generational singing and stimulating guest speakers are featured entertainment. 

Our parties are a way for Holocaust survivors in the Boro Park and Flatbush areas to come together to celebrate life and friendship. Smiles and embraces are exchanged, and participants leave the gatherings feeling nourished both physically and emotionally.  Staff members use the party hours to look for and reach out to survivors who need a bit of extra care and attention, and continue contact even after the program finishes for the day.

 “I look forward to getting dressed up and being with friends at the parties.  Seeing the choirs of children from the Jewish yeshivas makes my heart sing, and sometimes I hug them when they come around to my table.  It reminds me of “back home” when I hear those melodies.  And to see the generations that we’ve created – it’s a miracle!  I like how the Rabbi gives a talk on something inspirational, which makes us feel good.  And I just sit there and get served like a queen!  Thinking about the parties keeps me smiling for the rest of the month.  I wish we had the parties every day!” – Mrs. L.

Young Children Coming to Perform for Seniors at the Cafe Europa Event

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