Reception Marks Completion of Torah Umesorah’s Lay Leadership Program

Torah Umesorah Leadership and Fundraising Academy (TULFA) was founded by Torah Umesorah two years ago. Its mission is to professionally train experts to lead the fiscal endeavors of Torah mosdos across the continent, having them serve as executive directors and directors of development.

Management, leadership, finance and law, communication, board development and fundraising techniques are among the skill areas that are imparted by the professional trainers at TULFA. The students of the program spend more than 100 hours over a 10-month period in intense study and lectures in the various key areas.

On Monday evening, June 9, TULFA graduated its second cadre of students. Twenty young men from a variety of communities spent the past academic season developing their skills in the crucial areas of school management. For the graduates, who became unified in their shared sense of goal, the graduation, which took place at the Torah Umesorah Building in Brooklyn, was more than a formality; it was a celebration.

The evening’s program, coordinated by TULFA Director, Dennis Eisenberg, included a sumptuous buffet dinner and many words of chizuk as the graduates now set their gazes on positions in mosdos haTorah. Rabbi Abraham Fruchthandler, a member of the presidium of Torah Umesorah and president of Mesivta Yeshivah Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin, was the guest speaker. His remarks focused on the need for heightened professionalism in our schools and, more specifically, the challenges of fundraising which is required in order to sustain our Torah institutions. He thanked the graduates for their commitment. Rabbi A.

Moshe Possick, executive school consultant and the Beren Chair of the Bureau of Personnel Resources, also offered words of praise for the TULFA program and encouraged all the graduates to make their mark in building Klal Yisrael. Additionally, Rabbi Zvi Bloom, executive director of Torah Umesorah, who has taken a keen interest in the progress of TULFA since its inception, was also present for the festivities. Course instructors Rabbi Eliezer Sandler, Rabbi Dovid Kramer, Rabbi Richard Bieler and Rabbi Menachem Katz expressed their words of praise for Torah Umesorah for acknowledging the need for a division such as TULFA within its ranks, as well as for actually creating the successful program. A highlight of the evening was hearing from two TULFA grads — Rabbi Binyomin Mermelstein and Rabbi Yosef Richtman.

Both expressed, on behalf of the entire class, their appreciation for the TULFA experience, for Mr. Eisenberg’s leadership and for the substantive knowledge they all gained from the faculty throughout the course. The ceremonies concluded with Mr. Eisenberg presenting the students with their Completion Certificates. In his closing message, he thanked the students for their commitment, passion and pride. The class of 2014 included Rabbis Aryeh D. Borsuk, Moshe Brandsdorfer, Aryeh Dachs, Avraham Greenstein, Rachamim Haber, Fishel Karmel, Sholom Y. Katz, Moshe Levi, Yaakov Meltzer, Yehuda Menchel, Binyomin Mermelstein, Eli Neuberger, Rabbi Yosef Richtman, Yisroel D. Rosenberg, Shea Spiegel, Nachum Dovid Stamm, Aryeh Tropper, Dovid Wolner, Yitzchok Wolner and Yisroel Yaged.

To date, TULFA has successfully placed many of its graduates in schools, yeshivos and Jewish organizations. It continues to work with its alumni in order to further advance their growth as communal professionals. The 2014/2015 session will begin soon after the summer. Yungeleit interested in getting more information or in obtaining an application are asked to contact Mr. Dennis Eisenberg at 212-227-1000 x4571 or at deisenberg@torah