Camp Packs

Preparing for sleepaway camp is a daunting task for any parent. Compound that with the fact that we are talking about families with dysfunction, poverty and other issues and the task becomes overwhelming. Bikur Cholim’s Family Crisis Intervention Program addresses this need by providing Camp Packs.

Camp Pack contents

(L-R) Rabbi Fishof Director of Bikur Cholim, Christopher Cesarani Senior Account Executive DYCD

These knapsacks are filled with all necessary supplies to ensure a positive camp experience. These bags include all essentials: shampoo, sunscreen, toothbrush & paste, soap, towels, flashlight, fan, deodorant, goggles, comb, brush, rain poncho, laundry bag, stamped postcards,water and nosh. The Camp Packs allow these children to come to camp properly prepared while teaching them basic hygiene.